BBQ Mix                                Musubi           Chicken/Katsu     Kalua S'wich     


Mix Plates

(All plates include two scoops of rice and a scoop of macaroni salad)

One Item                $7.95

Two Items              $8.95

Three Items           $9.95

Mini Plates           $6.50

         *Seafood, Kalbi ribs add $1.00

         *Grilled Onions or Pineapples add .50c


BBQ Chicken

Grilled boneless & skinless chicken thigh marinated in Tiki  special sauce

Maui Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken breast marinated in Tiki special sauce

Chicken Katsu

Crispy breaded chicken cutlets served with special Tiki Katsu sauce.

Kalua Pork w/ cabbage

Slow roasted pork served with cabbage

Teri Steak

Grilled slices of lean & tender New York Strip, marinated in Tiki special sauce

Kalbi Short Ribs

Tender beef short ribs marinated in Tiki sauce then grilled to perfection

Fried Mahi-Mahi

Hawaii’s favorite fish fillet marinated, lightly breaded

Crispy Shrimp

Poly Plates                                     $10.95

(includes choice of talo, kumala, green bananas or  2 scoops of rice and macaroni salad)

Choice of Any 3 Items:

Fried Fish

Povi (Pulu) Masima

Curry Lamb

Sausage (Sosisi)

Or any item from mix plate list


Maui Cheese Burger                                               4.95

Hilo’s ½ lb. Big Boy Burger                                    7.95

 ½ lb teriyaki patty w/teriyaki beef, fried egg, grilled onion, lettuce & tomato

Hilo’s 1 lb. Big Boy Burger                                     9.95

 1 lb teriyaki patty w/teriyaki beef, fried egg, grilled onion, lettuce & tomato

Steak’wich                                                               8.95

Spam & Eggs Sandwich                                         4.25

Kalua Pork (w/Pineapple coleslaw)                      6.95

Hungry Surfers Big Fish                                          4.50

Combo (Add Small Drink and French Fries)             2.99

                     Island Favorites

Teriyaki Bowl                                                          6.95

All bowls come with your choice of meat items with rice and steamed vegetables

Fish & Chips                                                           8.45

Lau Lau                                                                   8.95

Pork with coconut milk wrapped in Taro leaves

Kalua and Laulau                                                  9.95 

Loco Moco                                                             8.95

Juicy 1/2 lb hamburger patty served with homemade gravy & topped with 2 eggs

Mini Loco                                                               6.95

Fiji Curry (katsu, chicken or Lamb for $1 extra)                     8.25

 peppers, carrots and onions sautéed in mild curry sauce.

Spam & Eggs                                                        5.85

Grilled Salmon                                                      8.95

 Ohana Salads

Aloha Salad                                                             7.95

Fresh lettuce blend, croutons, roma tomatoes,with house dressing and choice of: BBQ chicken, teri chicken, kalua or katsu

  • Add Steak for $1.00

  • Add Salmon for $2.00 more

Tiki Salad                                                               7.95

Fresh lettuce blend, diced mango, red pepper, red onion, with house dressing and choice of: BBQ chicken, teri chicken, kalua or katsu

  • Add Steak for $1.00

  • Add Salmon for $2.00 more


Manapua                                                      2.99

Spam Musubi (ea)                                       1.99

Fried Musubi (ea.)                                       2.99

Crispy Shrimp (5 pcs)                                 5.79

French Fries                                               1.99

Sweet Potato Fries                                     2.99

Egg Roll                                                      1.49

Tossed Salad                                              2.59

Macaroni Salad                                           1.49

Scoop Rice                                                    .95

Steamed Vegetables                                   2.99

Kim Chee                                                     2.95


Island Cakes                                                2.95

Coconut, Pineapple or Guava Cake

Cake Roll                                                     1.49

Ice Cream                  1 scoop                     1.95                                                 

Ice Cream                  2 scoops                   2.95

Pineapple/Coconut, Macadamia Nut and more…


Fountain Drinks                                          1.85

Bottled Water                                             1.00

Soda Can                                                    1.00

Hawaiian Sun Drinks                                  2.00

Coconut Soda                                             2.00

Mango Otai                                                 3.59

Shaved Ice                            Reg.              2.50

                                                Lg.               3.50

          Add ice cream for $1

Shakes                                                        3.95

Smoothies                                                   3.95



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